The Beginnings of NaNo 2o12

So...this is basically my keep-along thing. Seeing as how I'm handwriting/typewriting/typing my ENTIRE novel, this is the place for anyone interested to see how I'm doing. I'll post my word count, how the plot is, what I'm eating, anythin n everything here ^-^

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pandemic 2

This is what I'm hearing about while sitting in ACCESS, and I'm supposed to be working on Forensic Science.

Ian is playing it. Such a slacker. j/k

Willie died yesterday :( and Specks has a death wish, he slams into the tank everytime I turn on a light. I've stopped turning on the one on my desk, and he doesn't spaz as much.

I'm ready for NaNo already. I have as much planned as much as I can do. So, now comes the anticipation. :)

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