The Beginnings of NaNo 2o12

So...this is basically my keep-along thing. Seeing as how I'm handwriting/typewriting/typing my ENTIRE novel, this is the place for anyone interested to see how I'm doing. I'll post my word count, how the plot is, what I'm eating, anythin n everything here ^-^

Friday, January 13, 2012

Writing Again

Although I haven't thought a lick about NaNo this year [I plan to just wing it and hope it works]....I've been working on a new story.

I got a new journal for Christmas, leather-bound, and I decided I would use it to fill up the empty spaces in classes when the teacher isn't doing anything. I'm only about 5 pages in and on my second day of writing, but it's really nice not to have a deadline each day.

The story is about a girl [Elizabeth] who died, she has to figure out how she died by viewing the memories of people she knew personally. Which makes it difficult if she was murdered by someone that she didn't know. But, while alive, she had a crush on Justin Marr, someone who had never thought about her a day in his life. SO, she begins going to a coffee shop he frequents nightly and talking to him, just because at night there are memories she is afraid of.
Then one night, she gets up to leave and he says something to her.
"Don't Leave."
He doesn't know why he said it, or who he said it to, but the Elizabeth decides to stay. Justin begins talking to her, not really expecting a response, but just because he can.
And for some reason, he can hear her.
Which then takes them both on a journey to help her pass over into her next life [heaven or hell] and figure out how she died.

Yeah, it's a little rough, but I like it. It was inspired by a prompt my English teacher gives her classes daily. "Where were you one year ago" and my story starts out with her talking about that. I just got to the coffee shop bit, but I think I know where it is heading.



  1. this might sound [really] weird, but I'm extremely jealous you got a new journal. I've always wanted a really nice journal. I could stare at the journal selections at Walmart for hours o.o

    your story sounds great though! :D but just out of curiosity, does she appear as a ghost-like-person to people? :3

  2. They can't see her until she's going through their memories.[something with having to keep them in shock so she can watch them without worrying about walking] And most of the time, she can't see the full memory because they run off.

    I probably wouldn't have a new journal if it wasn't for my church. They're the ones that gave it to me <3

    One of these days, buy you one. :) And write that one special story in it. It really takes on a whole different feel as compared to writing on a computer or in a notepad.

    [I always feel secretive writing in it. As if I'm writing my deepest darkest secrets :D]

  3. oh, I see now! I'm guessing Justin doesn't run off then?

    I will buy myself one ^-^ and I will write as much as I can in it. there's something really nice about seeing words hand written rather than seeing them typed out :D

  4. Exactly, and I believe that he's gonna be the one to find how she was killed....or be the one that killed her. [be an awesome twist if he was some kinda secret agent person with a list and her name]

    And you definitely should! Splurge for a really nice one and the experience is aaaaamazing <3 the Zebra stainless steel barrel pens are really smooth to write with if you want a neat pen to go along with it. Although they're like $4 for 2 D: [I'm too thrifty!!]

  5. It'd be an awesome twist already if he were the one who killed her o.o I love it :D

    One of these days though I *will* get myself a notebook *and* a pen! Though hopefully under $4

  6. They are very good pens though :) and the refills are cheapish haha. But the stainless steel means they'll last :) I paid $2 for one pencil at the beginning of the summer and I still have it because it has these interchangable cartridges, which makes it really easy to put new lead in. and each pack comes with 4 extra erasers. and I got refills for $1 at the flea market :D

    Oooh, check there! They always have good quality stuff for cheap :D <3