The Beginnings of NaNo 2o12

So...this is basically my keep-along thing. Seeing as how I'm handwriting/typewriting/typing my ENTIRE novel, this is the place for anyone interested to see how I'm doing. I'll post my word count, how the plot is, what I'm eating, anythin n everything here ^-^

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who has been your fav character & Have you ever cheated for NaNo

Who has been your favorite character?
It’s a tie between Erika and Tucker, the characters on my 2009 novel. These characters had been through 2 rough drafts [I’d started it previous to NaNo but then rewrote it, using the previous draft as a plan] and they are still floating around in my brain. I can’t wait until I bring them back and finish their story.

Have you ever cheated for NaNoWriMo?
I haven’t but my 2009 novel might have been considered it. I had written some of it before NaNo but then restarted it all over for November. I hadn’t taken any from the original so I suppose it wouldn’t. But I guess it really just all depends on the person.

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