The Beginnings of NaNo 2o12

So...this is basically my keep-along thing. Seeing as how I'm handwriting/typewriting/typing my ENTIRE novel, this is the place for anyone interested to see how I'm doing. I'll post my word count, how the plot is, what I'm eating, anythin n everything here ^-^

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Headed in the right direction + prom picture :D

So, I just got accepted to my #1 college of choice :D Which also happens to be a literal left turn away from my boyfriend's house. [not planned either, it was either this college or one in Florence and this one has a better opportunity for me]. I just sent in my intent for admission and I have to figure out what's going on with my FAFSA [federal application for student aid] and hopefully get a track scholarship. :)

I'm so happy right now.

Not to mention I had a BLAST at prom last night. It was amazing. After lead-outs, my boyfriend, best friend [Britt], her date, and I went and wandered around Wal-mart in tuxs and prom dresses. We got a lot of stares and some old guy hit on my friend and me. xD but it was a ton of fun and I got a ton of pictures :)

Picture 1 - Me and Laura, isn't she gorgeous? I love her <3
Picture 2 - Me and Kaylene. She's amazing :)
Picture 3 - Britt, me, Laura, and Kaylene
Picture 4 - Trey and Blain at Walmart
Picture 5 - Me and Trey <3 [he's so tall!! I had 3 1/2 inch heels on!]
Picture 6 - Trey's attempt at a group picture. It worked for the most part...except for cutting on Grant's head and completely missing Britt and Blain. xD

These are the best people in the world <3


  1. Congratulations on your college acceptance!

    Everybody looked gorgeous for prom ^^