The Beginnings of NaNo 2o12

So...this is basically my keep-along thing. Seeing as how I'm handwriting/typewriting/typing my ENTIRE novel, this is the place for anyone interested to see how I'm doing. I'll post my word count, how the plot is, what I'm eating, anythin n everything here ^-^

Thursday, October 6, 2011

15 days of NaNo

So, I've seen so many of the "30 blog posts", "30 pictures", etc stuff, so I decided to come up with 15 days of NaNo. It will start on the 17 and I'll have a blog post per day.

In case anyone else wanted to do this as well, I am going to post what I will be posting about each day.

17: How many years have you NaNo'd? Explain how they went.
18: 5 things NaNo has done for you.
19: Who has been your favorite character?
20: Have you ever 'cheated' during NaNo?

21: Does the thought of November scare you?
22: Your views on posting your novel on your blog?
23: A scene you would love to write.
24: The best year you've had so far.
25: 3 things you are expecting this November.
26: A (NaNo) novel that you can't get off your mind.
27: Your checklist for November.
28: 10 reasons why you NaNo.
29: A line you want to put in this year's novel.
30: Do you "hear" your characters?
31: 10 fears about this years novel.

So, that is that and feel free to post these yourself. Let me know if you are and I'll be sure to read them :)

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