The Beginnings of NaNo 2o12

So...this is basically my keep-along thing. Seeing as how I'm handwriting/typewriting/typing my ENTIRE novel, this is the place for anyone interested to see how I'm doing. I'll post my word count, how the plot is, what I'm eating, anythin n everything here ^-^

Friday, February 24, 2012


If you haven't heard of Wattpad by now, you are most definitely missing out! This sight hold THOUSANDS of stories written by people just like us.

If you have an android phone, you can download the app and read at anytime! :)

I've already found many many wonderful books like

Cinderella vs [series]
Black Equation [series]
Born of Fire [series]

These are amazing stories by amazing authors. I'm joing the sight as JaclynJudith and I really hope to put a few of my old stories up. <3

Check it out! :) I'll try and do some reviews on the stories I've read so far soon.

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